Audio Sermon 6-25-2017   “The Book of Romans”

Audio Sermon 6-18-2017   “The Book of Deuteronomy”

Audio Sermon 6-11-2017   Caleb Weight – “Importance of Jesus’ Last Commission”

Audio Sermon 6-4-2017   “The Book of Luke”

Audio Sermon 5-28-2017   “How to Study the Scriptures”

Audio Sermon 5-21-2017   “The Book of Job”

Audio Sermon 5-14-2017   “How We Can Reveal Jesus’ Glory and Life”

Audio Sermon 5-7-2017    “What Disciples Do”

Audio Sermon 4-30-2017   “Loving Leadership”

Audio Sermon 4-23-2017   “The Book of Ruth”

Audio Sermon 4-16-2017   “The Resurrection:  What Difference Does it Make”

Audio Sermon 4-9-2017    “Living and Working as the Body of Christ”

Audio Sermon 4-02-2017   “We Are the Body of Christ”

Audio Sermon 3-19-2017   “Showing a Fault to Win a Brother”

Audio Sermon 3-12-2017   “The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John”

Audio Sermon 3-5-2017   “Healed by Jesus’ Wounds”

Audio Sermon 3-1-2017   Lent Presentation –   John the Disciple

Audio Sermon 2-26-2017   “Jesus’ Healing Questions”

Audio Sermon 2017-2-19   “Testimonies of Overcoming Fear”

Audio Sermon 2017-2-12   “Fear vs. Faith”

Audio Sermon 2017-2-5   “Making Apologies that Heal Relationships”

Audio Sermon 2017-1-29  “Book of Philippians”  – with Mark Beck

Audio Sermon 2017-1-15   “God’s Chosen Church” – 1 Corin 1:1-9 

Audio Sermon 2017-1-8   “Love From a Good Conscience”

Audio-Sermon-2017-1-1   “In Christ, God Blesses Us and Allows Us to Bless Nations”

Audio-Sermon-2016-12-25   “Where is God Today”

Audio-Sermon-2016-12-18   “Love from a Clear Conscience”

Audio-Sermon-2016-12-11   “The Book of Micah”

Audio-Sermon-2016-12-4   “Jesus is the Healer of our Hearts”

Audio-Sermon-2016-11-27   “The Book of Isaiah”

Audio-Sermon-2016-11-20   “Jesus Heals Our Brokenness”

Audio-Sermon-2016-11-13   “Relationships Restored:  Second-Hand Resentment”

Audio-sermon-2016-11-6   “Love From a Pure Heart”

Audio-sermon-2016-10-30   “How are a Man and Woman United in Christ?”

Audio-sermon-2016-10-16  “How Shall We Then Vote?”

Audio-sermon-2016-10-9  “Be Strong”

Audio-Sermon-2016-10-2  “Preparing Our Minds for Action”

Audio-Sermon-2016-09-25   “Book of 1 Corinthians”

Audio-sermon-2016-09-18  “Should I join a Small Group Study?”

Audio-sermon-2016-09-11  “Sources of Love”

Audio Sermon – 2016-09-04  “What is Confirmation”

Audio Sermon – 2016-08-28  “Book of Hebrews”

Audio Sermon – 2016-08-21   “Book of James”

Audio Sermon – 2016-08-14  “Stand Up for Jesus”

Audio Sermon – 2016-08-07  “Book of Zechariah”

Audio Sermon – 2016-07-24  “Book of Leviticus”

Audio Sermon – 2016-07-17  “Book of Philippians”

Audio Sermon – 2016-07-03   “Book of Genesis”

Audio Sermon – 2016-06-19  “Book of Philemon”

Audio Sermon – 2016-06-12  “Forgiveness”