As members of the Body of our Redeemer – Jesus Christ, let us, the members of Our Redeemer Lutheran Congregation of Cohasset, Minnesota, set our eyes on the goal of strengthening and encouraging each other to willingly serve our Lord Jesus with our various gifts, talents and abilities as we witness to our community and world of the love of our Savior.

This goal can be reached if we, the followers of Jesus, by the power and working of the Holy Spirit, seek to live to the glory of God our Father.  Our lives, yielded to God, can be the instruments of His mission and ministry working among us.  Let us yield:

  • Our Hearts, that our spirits may be free of guilt to honor our God’
  • Our Minds, that our thoughts are turned toward His ways;
  • Our Lips, to sing His praises and bring our needs to Him in prayer;
  • Our Tongues, to tell of His marvelous love to those outside of His family;
  • Our Ears, to listen to the cries for help that others whisper;
  • Our Hands, to do the tasks that meet the needs of those around us;
  • Our Feet, to take us to people who need the Lord’s presence through us;
  • Our Arms, to uphold and embrace those in need of encouragement;
  • Our Time, for there is no other way to establish relationships;
  • Our Money, to finance the Kingdom of god in this every day world.

We ask the Lord to stir our beings that we might no longer settle for:

  • faith without action,
  • commitment without involvement,
  • love without compassion or
  • membership without discipleship.

By the power of the Spirit of God, let us seek as a high priority to draw all people into the warmth and joy of true fellowship within the family of God.